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Furniture - a most practical form of art

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Design, with a concentration in furniture.  I chose that concentration because I love the functionality of the skill set.  The time I spend in wood shops feeds my soul.  Adding glass, metal, and other elements makes the work more practical and interesting.  Throw me a curve ball – I love a challenge.

Night stands

These cherry and maple frame-and-panel nightstands were designed to flank a bed in a cozy bedroom.  I slanted the front so the bottom drawers are easier to access in the tight space and carved the handles from walnut wood.  The drawers were built with hand-cut dovetails, and the pieces have a hand-rubbed oil finish.

Two matching night stands, built of cherry, maple, and walnut. Each stand has five drawers.


These clients wanted a bed frame with a real wow factor.  I designed and built this from solid cherry and maple with details of hand-joined cherry veneer, with tables made of brass, maple, aluminum, and cracked glass. 

A picture of a bed frame made of cherry and maple with attached swiveling tables made of brass, maple, and glass.
A picture of a bed frame made of cherry and maple with attached swiveling tables made of brass, maple, and glass.

There are lights in the tables and under the cantilevered frame, adding to the wow factor.

Chest on legs

Solid maple frame-and-panel, with a lid that lifts.  Drawers are hand-cut dovetails, and the finish is a combination of hand-rubbed oil with polyurethane on the top for durability.

A maple frame-and-panel chest on legs. It has two drawers and the top opens.
A detail view of a hand-cut dovetail drawer.

Oak shelves

These shelves were designed to my client’s specifications to fit into specific places in their house. They are solid oak, with maple details and metal drawer pulls.  Please excuse the crap pictures.  Sigh….

A picture of an oak shelf
A picture of hand-cut dovetails.

These shelves are constructed with sliding dovetail joinery.  They were built to last a lifetime … or three. 

The finish on both of these units is hand-rubbed danish oil.

A picture of details of my oak bookshelf. This shows the drawer pulls, which are part of the design, and hand-built.
A hand-made oak bookshelf with drawers and shelves. Details are of ebony and steel.

The drawer pulls were part of my design.