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Theatre work

I have built theatre props in Buffalo, NY, Southern California, and Seattle, WA.  Working as a stagehand, I’ve run plays at tiny theatres and loaded shows at Lumen Field.  I’ve rigged at Boeing and the Seattle Convention Center and have built props for dozens of shows.  There’s nothing quite like building Harold’s Purple Crayon or spending the evening training my spotlight on Bonnie Raitt.  Seriously:  contented sigh…


Woodworking tools – table saw, band saw, jointer, planer, chop saw, belt/disc sander, router, skill saw, jig saw, biscuit joiner, lathe, random-orbit and  fine hand sanding.  Veneer and hand-cut joinery. 

Finishing – staining, polyurethane, hand-rubbed oil finishes. 

Carving – Large- and small-scale carving of foam, clay, soft woods. 

Metalworking tools – Chop saw, mig welding, plasma cutter, grinding, soldering.

Plastics – Choosing materials, cutting, casting & molding.

Shopping – Online and brick & mortar.

Hand tools – Excellent facility with hand tools.

Fabric tools – Industrial and home sewing machines, serger, button-setter.  Upholstery, drapes, pillows, etc.

Stained glass – all cutting, grinding, and assembly.

Electrical – basic wiring.

Boat for Harold and the Purple Crayon

Seattle Children's Theatre
Design by Matt Smucker

I engineered and built this boat from designer drawings
Materials - plywood, pine, L200 foam, and fabric

Harold's purple boat, finished. It looks like a dinghy, and is big enough to hold two actors. It has a fabric sail and is painted to match the book.
Finished boat, painted

In the Northern Lands: Nordic Myths

Seattle Children's Theatre
Design by Matt Smucker

I carved this bas relief from designer drawings
Materials - Blue foam over plywood

A picture of finished Fenrir
Finished Fenrir


A dummy built to the measurements of the actress playing Ophelia in Seattle Children’s Theatre’s production of Hamlet.  The dummy was carried out on stage and placed in a grave, so needed to move like a real body.  I built this in one week.

Miscellaneous Projects

Various theatres
Varous designers

I built all of these props from drawings and/or designer instructions

Tablecloth, on table, on stage, laden with food props
Tablecloth with trim and fringe
A picture of an oversized fake strawberry.
Strawberries are made of blue foam, ripstop, hot glue, and acrylic paint, right?
A picture of a pile of Treasure from Aladdin.
I'm not proud: I'll happily hot glue Aladdin's treasure trove until the magic carpets come home.

A little nunsense

Doll’s nun habit for 5th Avenue Theatre’s production of The Sound of Music.  I built this during tech and the chorus members were wonderfully gracious, letting me poke at their costumes to make sure she matched.

A picture of a doll dressed as a nun, seen from the front.
A picture of a doll dressed as a nun, seen from the back.
A picture of a doll dressed as a nun, seen from the side.

Hey -- I'm a rigger!

I completed Jay Glerum and Harry Donovan’s week-intensive theatre and concert rigging training.

Most of the rigging I’ve done has been for concerts at Key Arena (RIP), but I’ve also rigged for Boeing, AT&T, and at the Seattle Convention Center.

A picture of me in rigging gear, sitting on top of a pile of steel rope during a concert load-out.
A little silliness a'top a pile of steel